Engagement Rings

    The search for the diamond that's perfect for you, is only the beginning. Now it's important that the diamond is set into an engagement ring that personifies your bride. A ring that says "It's Me!"

Engagement rings can be grouped into five main categories:

  • Solitaire: the ring's focal point is one diamond. The shank can vary in fashion and flair, still featuring one diamond.
  • Trinity: the ring features three diamonds on the platform. Usually the centre diamond is larger than the other two; again, bringing the focal point to the centre.
  • Cluster: this style uses many diamonds usually smaller in size to create a design either on the platform or throughout the shank.
  • Halo: a very popular style currently, displays one central diamond surrounded by one or two halo(s) of small diamonds.
  • Designer: these rings can be any of the above that have been custom designed to create a unique look suited to you! Designs by SimonG, for instance, exude 'fashion with flair and colour'.

    You can see examples of all these styles on the website under Ladies Engagement Rings - "Classics".  Wharram's Jewellery recommends trying on a few engagement ring styles in order to visualize what looks best and truly suits your hand.