Canadian Diamonds

CANADIAN .... Eh? 

Canada is currently mining 10% of the world diamond production -over 17 million carats! This recovery is estimated to be worth $1.78 billion or 14%, by value, of the world total. Canada is now the third largest producer in the world behind Botswana and Russia. 

    Presently there are six active diamond mines in Canada

    Diamonds historically have never been labelled as to their origin until Canada began producing them. Now every Canadian diamond has the potential of coming with a "Certificate of Authenticity" and it's own "Canadian Birth Certificate" that informs the consumer where and when it was mined, cut, and polished. Afterall, we are patriotic aren't we? 

    There are many suppliers of Canadian diamonds (too numerous to name) and all have their own company logo that is laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond. If you need more information in regards to the Canadian diamond suppliers and their respective trademarks, is an excellent source, or ask the Gemologist at Wharram's Jewellery.

    Wharram's Jewellery has chosen to deal with Canadian diamond suppliers that bear the logos "ArcticLove Diamonds", "Hallmark of Quality", "CanadaMark" and "Arctic Fox".