Diamond Care

    Clean your diamond ring regularly with care! Diamonds, even though they are the hardest natural substance on earth, require proper care to maintain their beauty. Here are some tips. 

    First, make sure that your diamond is set properly. The girdle of the diamond should be set in a professionally prepared 'seat' of the claws. The tip of each claw being carefully positioned onto the outer edge of the crown, secures the diamond into place without any undo or uneven pressure. Diamonds can be chipped and cleaved if the setting is not prepared properly. Have your diamond checked periodically by the professionals at Wharram's Jewellery to make sure the setting has not weakened from wear. 

Clean your diamond every few months with a soft bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, in a solution of;

- rubbing alcohol diluted with warm water,

- or a mild liquid detergent and water,

- or a branded jewellery cleaner.

Make It Scintillate !

    And finally, treat your diamond like it's a precious gem ... because it is! Take your ring off when doing dishes, gardening, retiring to bed, scrubbing the floor, or bleaching the clothes.

    OR...don't do any chores and wear it all the time!