Diamond Buying Guide

Your quest, as a consumer, is to find the "Best Value". This is defined as the best quality for the best price. Whether you're purchasing a home, a car, a stereo, or a diamond engagement ring, it is necessary to be a wise and informed consumer.

Ultimately, when buying a diamond, you want:

  • to feel confident
  • the diamond to be represented with integrity
  • the gemologist to warrant the product
  • the best your money can buy
  • peace of mind and freedom from risk!

Wharram's Jewellery is committed to helping you attain your quest for the "Best Value"! As Gemologists we will walk you through the 4C's of diamond quality: Carat Weight , Colour, Clarity, and Cut.

It's advantageous for you to visit Wharram's Jewellery and view as many diamonds of various qualities as you can. Rely on our professionals to assist you in acquiring the necessary diamond knowledge that makes you a wise consumer. Our "Introductory Diamonds 101" is available to anyone who comes into Wharram's Jewellery, FREE OF CHARGE!

There is more to a diamond than what meets the eye! You'll find valuable information by following the tutorial boxes on the left. Go ahead! Start your course now!